Am I ready for a juice cleanse?

Take a moment to “tune in” to your body. Is it asking for something different from what you’re feeding it? Sometimes the body needs a kickstart toward health and away from unhealthy eating patterns. Whether you are paving the way to healthier eating patterns for life or you simply wish to take a day or three to examine your body’s reaction to raw nutrition, you’re ready for a juice cleanse.


How does juice cleansing work?

The digestive system works for you all day long and juice cleansing allows you to absorb an immense amount of vitamins and nutrients while giving your digestive system a vacation. For you to consume the number of nutrients provided in just one of the six daily juices, you would be eating fruit and vegetable salads for hours! Juicing bombards your body with stellar nutrition with minimum effort. On a psychological level, juice cleansing is what you make of it! We are here to help and guide you to receive the maximum number of benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally from your cleanse.

We will supply you with six 100% natural cold pressed juices per day. All juices are numbered, and we suggest that you drink them in order for the maximum absorption of nutrients. You will have our full support during your cleanse; we are available via phone and email to answer any questions that arise throughout your one to three day cleansing experience. Prior to the conclusion of your cleanse, we will help you make post-cleanse food selections that will allow your body to benefit maximally from your investment in it.


Who needs to cleanse?

As with everything in life, you have to want to cleanse; the more invested that we feel in our health-related decisions, the better the outcome on a physical and psychological level. Residing in environs that are dense with pollutants, eating at restaurants in which we have no control over the additives in our orders, and facing daily stressors and time crunches that encourage our choices of less-than-healthy foods and beverages, we can all use the gift of a juice cleanse. Treating ourselves well and seeing to our health should be a priority, and there is no time like the present to make it one.


What if I get hungry during the cleanse?

The desire to eat during a cleanse may come up - we are used to what's familiar! However, it is important to assess how much of this is psychological. During your cleanse, we will encourage you to notice whether you are truly feeling "stomach hungry" or whether you just miss the repetitive and sometimes soothing action of chewing. Most often, it is the latter. We encourage you to try not to chew and swallow any solid food during the cleanse time because it will interrupt the opportunity that juicing gives the digestive system to take a complete break from breaking down food. If someone insists that they must eat, we would advise that some celery, a very water-dense vegetable, would be the best thing to satisfy the need to chew something solid.


Will I feel weak during the cleanse? Can I still exercise?

Our juices are 100% natural and contain an abundance of vitamins and nutrients - more than the average person ingests on a daily basis, for sure. As such, although it is "just 16 oz of juice," each juice packs the body with so much nutrition, the students shouldn't feel hungry or weak. While cleansing, you can certainly maintain your usual exercise regimen, especially if it includes pilates or yoga. However, we foremost recommend that you listen to your body. If this is your first cleanse, please do not push your body when it comes to exercise.


What should I eat before and after the cleanse?

Our Holistic Health Coaches will work with you to make healthy choices for before and after your cleanse. We recommend eating as "clean" and healthfully as possible in the day(s) prior to cleansing. We remind cleansers that what we have in our bodies is a cumulative effect and the cleanse is not intended to "undo" any unhealthy eating. Anything that you normally eat is fine before cleansing, but hopefully all in moderation. After the cleanse, again keep the foods as pure and simple as possible: perhaps a juice for breakfast, salad for lunch, and some fruit for a snack that day.


Will the juice cleanse help me change my eating patterns?

The juice cleanse is an ideal opportunity for you to kick off your habits toward healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle in general. Again, though, you have to want it! When we engage in activities such as a detox cleanse that make us feel healthier, we are more likely to complement this with other activities such as exercise and wellness plans that contribute to our overall health. You can think of the nutrients in the juices in terms of what we call the "crowding out" theory - the more that your body/system/cells get "crowded" with nutrients, the less they can take in anything less healthy for you such as unrefined sugars. As you become used to incorporating healthier foods into your diet, you will not have space for the less the less healthy options.


What if I’m not ready for the full cleanse?

Not everyone is ready to commit to a full three (or even one!) day cleanse. No problem! You can begin incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle by adding green juices and other cold pressed juices. We make our juices available “ala carte” so you can begin by trying a juice for breakfast and/or for an energy boost during the day. This is also a great way to “break” your cleanse, but we will walk you through that when the time comes.

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